AN ISO CERTIFIED 9001 : 2015

Paper Core

GOGAJI PACKAGING produces tubes and cores for a full range of industrial and commercial applications. Our flexible approach to meeting customer needs allows us to service clients within the paper, film, flexible packaging, construction, textile, flooring, carpet, automotive and industrial markets.
High strength converting cores and tubes for film, foil and other substrates that require high torque strength, high flat and radial crush strength, and smooth outer surfaces for winding and rewinding.
Our paper mill cores for fine and specialty papers, recycled linerboard and paperboard, tissue and towel, and other paper grades are manufactured to our customer’s strict tolerance requirements.
GOGAJI PACKAGING has made a name for itself and has a good relationship with all of our paper suppliers. We purchase our paper directly from the mills and DO NOT use any brokerage or “ODD” lot paper in our manufacturing process.
Paper cores and tubes are often a cost efficient alternative to other more expensive materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. Our attention to quality is in the process of our manufacturing.
So what’s the difference from a paper tube and a paper core ? The answer is simple. A paper tube means that the material or product goes inside the paper tube to protect it. A paper core happens to be the opposite, meaning your product wraps around the outside.
GOGAJI PACKAGING understands the importance of protecting the environment in which we live. GOGAJI PACKAGING uses 100% recycled paper and our scrap is always returned to our suppliers for recycling.